Special titles

Dear exhibitors, you probably already know that at this show you will be able to get SPECIAL TITLES – DOGFESTIVAL WINNERS !!! The first show where certificates are counted is DOGFESTIVAL 05.07.2024. The most successful ones can get these titles for victories on both show days, or you can complete them gradually at other shows.

. And of course, this is not all ! This show is another of our SERIES of shows, where you can also get the exceptional title DOGSHOW SK WINNER !!! The title is awarded to dogs and bitches that on each of the shows NITRADOG, NOVOHRADDOG a DOGFESTIVAL fulfills at least one of the conditions. ň And as we already mentioned, this show is the first where you can also finish the LUXURY TITLE – SLOVAKIA TRIPLE CROWN WINNER.

So don’t miss this chance!!! More information on the exact conditions in “titles and certificates” section.