Information for exhibitors

Dear exhibitors, we really appreciate that you have registered your dogs at DOGFESTIVAL Veľká Ida 3x CACIB. An important part of it is also exhibitionism, which, in addition to expertise, also has great social importance and is the best promotion of cynology and individual dog breeds. We appreciate that you entered your dogs for the 4x CACIB NITRADOG. We would like to post some information that we believe will help especially those of you who do not show regularly or have not yet used online registration via


After logging in to the menu, just like when you registered for the show, please download and print out the catalog numbers. This single act replaces a long waiting before the start of the show. On each number is written the date and number of the ring.

dogshow screen_en – 1


you can find on, or you can download it directly here. It contains, among other things, a timetable of the judging of individual breeds in the rings, with the names of the judges and also with the timing. If you have a dog of a breed that has the start mentioned in the second part, it is sufficient if you are at the show ring only before the start of judging. In the minicatalog, you will find a timetable for the judging of the final competitions, a map of the showground, and other interesting information, such as the program in the activity ring.


The online catalog saves our forests. It will be published every day before the start of the show at 8.00 on, or you can load it using the QR CODE, which you can find on the information boards in the show-ground.


You can see the awards, rankings, and titles in real-time at


Each exhibitor will receive a written critique and a small souvenir in the ring.

Trophies for the awards:

– very promissing 1










will be issued in when the results are written in pedigree. Come with a pedigree of your dog and your written critique. If you don’t want to write your results to the dog’s pedigree it’s not mandatory. If you are not interested in this action, the issue of trophies will be noted on the back of the critique. rophies are not sent additionally, they must be picked up at the show..


Critiques will be written online. You can find them in your menu at If you want to have them also in printed form, you can print it at any time in the comfort of your home, also to the other side of the critique card form that you will receive in the ring.


You can download the judgements and diplomas after the judging is finished in the system. All you have to do is log in to your account, choose the “Judgements, invoices, and diplomas” section, and click the appropriate icon. As the name suggests, an invoice and a catalog with results are also available. If your dog or bitch has met the conditions for obtaining a special title (for example, DOGFESTIVAL WINNER…), the active “trophies” icon will also appear and redirect you to the “my dogs” section. In this case, you have the option to download the confirmation of the title in the card of the dog.


– Follow the instructions of the organizers and veterinarians

– Before going to the show, make sure that you have a pet passport with you, and that valid vaccinations. We recommend checking the functionality of the dog’s chip. You will avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

– Before arriving at the checkpoint, have your Pet pass ready so that you don’t waste time looking for it.


Wishing you a happy journey and pleasant days spent at the DOGFESTIVAL show and lots of joy with our furry friends.


Special titles

Dear exhibitors, you probably already know that at this show you will be able to get SPECIAL TITLES – DOGFESTIVAL WINNERS !!! The first show where certificates are counted is DOGFESTIVAL 05.07.2024. The most successful ones can get these titles for victories on both show days, or you can complete them gradually at other shows.

. And of course, this is not all ! This show is another of our SERIES of shows, where you can also get the exceptional title DOGSHOW SK WINNER !!! The title is awarded to dogs and bitches that on each of the shows NITRADOG, NOVOHRADDOG a DOGFESTIVAL fulfills at least one of the conditions. ň And as we already mentioned, this show is the first where you can also finish the LUXURY TITLE – SLOVAKIA TRIPLE CROWN WINNER.

So don’t miss this chance!!! More information on the exact conditions in “titles and certificates” section.

Slovakia Triple Crown Winner

Was your dog awarded the Best of Breed title at the Nitradog or Novohraddog show? If yes, than he/she fulfilled the 2 from 3 condition for obtaining the new title “Slovakia triple crown winner”. The SLOVAKIA TRIPLE CROWN WINNER title is awarded to a male or female who receives at least 1 BOB in 2024 at each NITRADOG, NOVOHRADDOG, and DOGFESTIVAL shows. The most successful ones will be able to be proud of this exceptional title already after the CACIB DOGFESTIVAL Veľká Ida So, are you registered yet?

Beer coasters

Set of beer coasters for loyal exhibitors! Ste pravidelným účastníkom výstav NITRADOG, NOVOHRADDOG a DOGFESTIVAL? We have prepared for you an edition of beer coasters, which you can get at our shows. How do you become their owners? You are probably already used to the fact that we have different gifts prepared for you at each show. On Saturday at the DOGFESTIVAL show, it will be the first beer coaster for your collection.

And what will the others look like? You will see at the next show ! We look forward to making you happy!

TOP Outlander

Dear junior handlers, especially from abroad ! You may have noticed that in 2024 the Junior handling club Slovakia is holding a year-long scoring competition for junior handlers from abroad OUTLANDER JUNIOR HANDLER 2024 !
Points will also be counted from the Junior handling competitions held at our CACIB Veľká Ida DOGFESTIVAL So definitely don’t miss the registration:
More info:

Toy handling

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the little ones either! In Slovakian shows, for security reasons, the “Child and Dog” competition has not been held at international or national shows for several years. However, we want to support the passion for shows (and therefore pedigree dogs) even among our youngest, whose age doesn´t yet allow them to compete in Junior handling competitions. So, children up to 9 years old will be able to experience a competitive atmosphere, to show that they also know what an “up&down” figure is, or a round, but without fearing that the dog will run away from the ring, or that any little handler will be pulled by his/her dog. They will be showing their toys – plush, on wheels, or various others.

TOY HANDLING will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every day at the same time, starting at 10:00 – till 10:30 in BIS ring. The presence of the parent is necessary due to the signing of the GDPR.
Don’t forget to plan your visit our the final ring! Your applouse will fullfill with happiness the souls of the little participants!

Entry form: – registration is FREE !!! The competition is supported by the entry fee from SENIOR HANDLING 18+, which you, dear parents, can participate in!

Senior handling

Who once fell in love with junior handling wants always come back to it. If you belong to ex junior handlers or you want to have fun in the show ring, Junior handling klub Slovensko has prepared this special activity for you.

We often say that the junior handlers are more skilled then the adults in the show rings. At our DOGFESTIVAL Veľká Ida shows it is time to show, that also the adults have talent and can show their dog on a high level.

SENIOR HANDLING 18+ is opened during all three show days for everyone over 18 years. It will be held in the Activity ring at 13:00. Entry fee is 10 € and the income will be used for financing Junior handling klub Slovakia – TOY HANDLING, what is free of charge for the youngest.

Show us what you got but mostly let’s have some fun. Our judges are very interesting.

Registration via

King of Champions 2024

Dear exhibitors, during all three days of the International shows 3x CACIB DOGFESTIVAL Veľká Ida 2024, the popular audience competition: KRÁĽ ŠAMPIÓNOV / KING OF CHAMPIONS. The visitors will be able to vote via “smart phones” or computers. Such wonderful trophis are already being prepared for the winners. Participation in the competition is FREE ! Read the rules below:

During all three days of the International shows 3x CACIB DOGFESTIVAL in Veľká Ida, audience competition King of champions will take place during the Parade of champions – Champion of show.

under the following conditions:
– Dogs and bitches with the title of champion of an FCI member country, or the title of FCI interchampion, showed in the class of champions and honorary class, can participate in the competition free of charge.
– Owners interested in participating in this competition with their champion will enter the ring during the King of Champions, which will begin at 14:30 pm in the final competition ring.
– The present visitors will be able to vote via “smart phones” or computers. The dog who receives the most audience votes will become the King of Champions and his decoration will take place after the end of the final competitions of the respective day. The second and third place dog or bitch will also be awarded.

The golden king of champions will be the dog who, during the three days of the 3x CACIB DOGFESTIVAL International Shows in Veľká Ida, will receive the greatest number of points. The decoration will take place after the end of the final competitions. The dog can become the Golden King, regardless of the placement during the King of Champions competition of each day.

Tips for free time

DOGFESTIVAL Veľká Ida, it’s not just an ordinary show! This long weekend can also be a wonderful vacation and a beautiful experience for you. Eastern Slovakia is known for its extraordinarily beautiful nature and unique cultural monuments. Veľká Ida is located in a strategic location, near the city of Košice and many other interesting places that you could visit during your stay at our show.

Summer days are long, so you have plenty of time after the show, to take a walk, relax or explore the sights. We have prepared for you tips on interesting places where you can go, sorted by interest categories. All places are in the area of Veľká Ida (max. one hour by car), freely accessible and with available parking. All places (unless stated otherwise) are accessible with your furry pet and are not demanding on fitness.

Cultural sights:

Košice offers a beautiful historical center full of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The dominant feature of the city is St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, the largest church in Slovakia, which boasts beautiful Gothic altars and stained glass windows. Around the cathedral you will find many historical buildings, picturesque streets and cultural institutions, such as the State Theater and the East Slovak Museum.

The ruins of Slanec Castle are located on top of a hill near the village of Slanec, approximately 30 km from Veľká Ida. This medieval castle, built in the 13th century, offers a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. The castle is freely accessible by hiking trail from the village of Slanec and is an ideal place for a short and easy trip combined with a walk in nature.

The ruins of the Sokoľ castle, which dates back to the 13th century and almost completely fell into disrepair after demolition, were restored. Access is directly from the center of the Sokoľ village, from where visitors are directed from the bus stop by the orange arrows of the approx. 6 km long educational trail.

The ruins of the Turňa Castle are located on a karst hill above the village of Turňa nad Bodvou, it is a very visited place because it offers beautiful views of the Slovak Karst. The best approach with a large parking lot is from the restaurant “pod Hradom”, where you can also eat. The ascent is not difficult, it takes about half an hour.

Obišovský Castle are the ruins of a castle from the 13th century near the village of Obišovce. Here we can see the modest remains of walls, a defensive rampart and a ditch. The most beautiful and also the shortest (approx. 1 km) access is directly from the village, through the meadows along the ridge with wonderful views, so the road itself is a beautiful experience.

Betliar Manor, built in the 18th century, is one of the best-preserved aristocratic residences in Slovakia. Surrounded by a beautiful english park with fountains and artificial caves, the mansion offers tours of the rich interiors that transport you to the times of the Hungarian nobility. The park provides beautiful relaxation surrounded by nature.

Castle of Košice is a popular destination for tourists and hikers who want to enjoy a walk in nature and get to know the history of the region. An asphalt path leads to the castle, surrounded by forests, which makes this place an ideal destination for lovers of nature and history. At the same time, there is also an observation tower and a freely accessible observation bridge.

The archaeological open-air museum in Nižná Myšla offers a fascinating insight into the life of our ancestors. This unique open-air museum reconstructs a Bronze Age settlement, including dwellings, workshops and a burial ground. Official guided tours are also held here on weekends. There are opportunities for beautiful walks in the meadows and forests nearby, and there is also a watchtower nearby.

Watchtowers and views:

The observation tower in Vyšná Myšla is a steel structure consisting of a viewing platform, which was built in 2021 near the village of Vyšná Myšla. From the viewpoint, we can see above the treetops. At the end of the viewing platform there is a spiral staircase, the height of which is approximately 8 m. You can take the stairs all the way down to the river Olšava.

The Hradová watchtower is part of the recreation area Hradová (Košický Castle), which is easily accessible by hiking trails. The tower offers a beautiful view of the city of Košice, the valley of the Hornád river and the surrounding landscape. The tower has opening hours and a symbolic entrance fee is charged. Children free.

The Čerešenka watchtower offers a panoramic view of the Tokaj vineyard area and the surrounding countryside. It is located on a hill between the villages of Chrastné and Čižatice and is a popular destination for view lovers. Freely accessible via a paved road, the parking lot is close to the tower.

Rock view Na skale – 670 m consists of massive rock cliffs and a panoramic rock plateau in places with an almost terrace-like mountain meadow. The rock walls fall perpendicularly into the Zádielská valley and thus create an amazing, breath-taking panorama that is not easily found elsewhere. The ideal access is from the Zádielská valley, from the educational trail.

The educational trail Jasovská skala (349 m), which starts in the village of Jasov, is only less than 2 km long and you will overcome an elevation of only 100 meters, which makes it an excellent choice even for less fit hikers. It offers an amazing view of the surroundings – Volovské vrchy and the village of Jasov itself with the Premonstratensian baroque monastery.


The Herľany geyser is a unique natural phenomenon located in the village of Herľany. It erupts regularly every 32-34 hours and its eruption lasts for approximately 25 minutes, during which water sprays up to a height of 20 meters. The surroundings of the geyser are arranged as a park, where you can relax and enjoy the sight of this fascinating natural phenomenon.

The Košice Zoo in Kavečany extends over 288 hectares and is home to more than 150 species of animals from all over the world. For families with children, there is a contact ZOO where you can pet and feed the animals. It’s great that you can take your dog to Košice ZOO, so he can enjoy this experience with you.

The monumental statue of Angel is a prop from the Hollywood film “Behind the Enemy Lines”, part of which was also filmed in the Slovak Karst. It is 15 meters high and is made of polystyrene covered with laminate. The statue is located in the cemetery in the village of Háj. Dogs cannot go to the cemetery, they will wait for you in the car and then you can go with them to the nearby waterfalls.

Háj waterfalls are located in the karst gorge Háj valley. You can find it behind the village of Háj. There are remarkable karst phenomena and numerous waterfalls. Parking is in close proximity to the waterfalls. Direction signs will guide you here from the road. You can find a gazebo, benches and fireplaces near the waterfall.

The village of Hrhov can be proud of a Slovak natural unique. In the very heart of this village, the water of the Hrhov waterfalls rushes powerfully. It is the largest and most abundant waterfall in the Slovak Karst, which will instantly enchant you. Who has ever seen a waterfall in the middle of the village? Miraculously! Information boards in the village will easily guide you to it.

Plant church and spring of St. Ladislav is located in a beautiful and quiet place of beautiful meadows, surrounded by majestic trees. Its walls and roof are made of wood and creeping greenery. There is also a plentiful and drinkable spring nearby. Access is from the village of Debraď through picturesque meadows and forests, the length of the route is about 3 km. This place is truly magical and worth a visit.

The Zádielská Tieňava National Nature Reserve is a monumental karst 3 km long gorge. In summer, it is a perfect place for a trip because the depth of the gorge is 300 m and a gurgling stream flows through it, so the climate is very cool and pleasant. At the end of the gorge is the Zádielska cottage, where you can eat and have refreshments.

The Rudník quarry offers its turquoise beauty just above the village of Rudník. Precisely because of its interestingly colored water and white sand, it is an attraction for tourists who are looking for less popular and unknown places. Dogs can also refresh and swim here. A great option is to let the dogs run free in the nearby meadows, with wonderful views of the surroundings and don’t miss the church of St. Anna, hidden in the woods at the end of the meadows.


The caves are a great place for an adventurous family trip with children. Dogs are of course not allowed in the caves, but since many of you come to Veľká Ida for the whole long weekend, one day the dogs can rest at the accommodation and you can explore the beautiful natural theater in the caves.

Due to its importance and decoration, the Jasov cave was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the oldest in Slovakia open to the public – since 1846. The current tour route is 720 m long and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The cave is extremely rich in drip decoration of very varied shapes and colors.

Enter the magical world of the Gombasek Cave, hidden in the heart of the Slovak Karst! Only 50 km from Veľká Ida, a unique experience awaits you among thin stalactites and beautiful drop curtains A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this cave is an ideal place for nature lovers and adventurers.

Experience the unrepeatable feeling of entering the Silica Glacier, where you can find ice formations even in summer! It is located approximately 45 km from Veľká Ida and offers a unique view of the natural phenomenon of ice underground. This cave is also accessible with dogs!

The Domica cave is one of the most famous and largest caves in the country, with a total length exceeding 5.3 km. Its beauty is made up of rich drip formations, as well as the underground rivers Styx and Domický stream. It is also home to rare species of bats, the Cave offers visitors the opportunity to take a tour with an expert guide and get to know its beauty.


DOGFESTIVAL Veľká Ida, it’s not just a dog show! It is a canine and family event ! So that even our little ones have a place to spend time, have fun and learn something new, in cooperation with the Youth & Junior Handling commission UKK and Junior handling club Slovakia we’ll open children´s corner which we know as KidZone. We are sure, your kids will not be bored with our animators! We are looking forward to you !